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LADAKH the stark naked mountains in the North West Rain shadow Himalayan Region marks an important geopolitical region (two side there is the border of Pakistan and on one side China).

Figure 1 The Aryan communities of Ladakh


A mini Tibet, the geography, and essence of Buddhism provide its own hypnotic exotic pull.

Ever since tourism opened in the mid-1990s along with the depiction of a famous lake in a box office film 3 Idiots, the region has seen a vast flow of foreign and indigenous tourists.

The demand has led to a huge rise in the quantitative volume of cheaply affordable tick the box travel packages which also include adventure/sports activities like trekking, rafting, polo among others.

The Indian Cultural Heritage Research has been presenting Academic tours ever since 2000 and has been one of the earliest organization initiating experiential travel over the site travel. The presentation of the program is based on personal connections which allow for exclusive interactions and inroads to people and places. The travel programs are logistically well organized and well researched.

While the normal sites are covered the program in Ladakh is defined by special visits and interpretations based on the following themes:


#Ladakh #Oracle #Buddhistmonks #Buddhistrituals


  1. The Mongolian Connection – A Library untold
  2. Aryan Communities and their fascinating history in the rupture of Indo-Pak Wars
  3. The Politics of Pashmina
  4. Challenges of addressing Health- The Oracle, Astrologer and Tibetan Doctor
  5. Christian Heritage of Ladakh
  6. The Donkey Project and The Water Shrines
  7. The Aesthetics, Ritual Importance, geopolitics, economics of Buddhist Monasteries of Ladakh

Figure 4 Visit to the private summer home of His Holiness

In case you are interested please write to us on http://www.navinajafa.com

Those who want to even remotely are interested to register and have a diplomatic status please apply for the permit to the Ministry of External Affairs – Bhutan Desk. The places to be marked on the permit are:

  1. Nubra
  2. Pang Gong
  3. Dahanu

Articles are written by Dr. Navina Jafa on Ladakh:

Water Shrines of Ladakh – https://navinajafa.wordpress.com/2016/04/28/secrets-of-ladakh-water-shrines-travel-advocacy/

Aryans in Ladakh – https://www.academia.edu/25633312/Brokpas-_Aryans_in_Himalayas_Touring_Ladakh



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