CROMA – When A Mobile Customer is Defeated by a Corporate

Samsung-Galaxyy-A7-2018 purchased 4th Nov 2018


I have had an extremely unpleasant experience with Croma.

croma bill -2

  1. I purchased an A-7 Samsung mobile on 4th Nov.  The selling staff was very persuasive that I purchase one-year insurance over the warranty to ensure that if my mobile is damaged I will they assured me of 100℅ return or replacement, especially within 90 days.
  2. On 17th Jan, when my phone was damaged instinctively to safeguard I took the phone to a genuine Samsung lab/ station in Kotla, New Delhi.  The lab gave an extensive report (attached with purchase bill), uploaded images on their centralized system,  and verbally advised that I buy a new set since even if it is repaired there is no guarantee since water corrodes gradually.
  3. Samsung report
    Samsung Report
  4. I immediately went to Croma in the select city mall, since the manager in Anupam PVR where I had made the purchase on a previous occasion was extremely rude.  The staff in the select city were cooperative and assured that I will after a pickup will get Croma cash and I can return to buy a new set once the report is verified.
  5. Unfortunately, the man who came to pick up the damaged phone did not take the Samsung lab report.  For the last five days, I am told that the piece is repaired and I can pick it up.

My questions?

What was the value of the insurance and the warranty since I ended up paying together a good 3 thousand more?

Two:  why was not the Samsung report which was uploaded along with the pictures of the damage on the Samsung Centralized system not considered for verification?

Three:  what is the assurance that the hydro corrosion will not take effect in the next 12 months?  And if it does will croma give one-year insurance and replace the gadget?

I have been harassed repeatedly by phone calls,  but no one can justify or provide any answers. Four: When the Samsung Engineer advised that I need to buy a new phone since, the present damage seen and therefore can be addressed is mere 80% the rest of the dame of 20% will be apparent only late – then why is Croma insisting that they have repaired the phone, when that is scientifically not true. WHY IS CROMA HARASSING ME THE CONSUMER? – OVER 500 MINUTES OF PHONE CALLS, REPEATED ADAMANCY OF FORCING ME TO ACCEPT THE SEMI REPAIRED PHONE IS MADE. I HAVE BEEN MADE TO HOLD THE  PHONE FOR A GOOD 20 MINUTES ON 5 OCCASIONS SINCE THE PERSON PHONING ME WANTED TO RECHECK WITH HIS OR HER SUPERIORS. I WANT MY 100% MONEY BACK, OR A NEW PHONE AND OF COURSE THE HARASSMENT CHARGES.




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