Sikkim – Part 1- The Himalayan Wolf – #AcademicTourism with #NavinaJafa : Follow on Twitter: @navinajafa

Wolf Himalayan


Curating experiences in India a country which offers such a range of geological and geographical diversity is inspirational enough to incorporate experiences of and on Natural Heritage. A variety of this component formed a part of my curatorial program on #Academictourism in the Green Indian State of Sikkim. This particular article focuses on the subspecies of the Grey wolf the very elusive Himalayan Wooly Wolf.

wolf 2

This animal is perhaps having a lineage which experts believe goes back to 800,000Ancient Himalayan wolf says Experts perhaps have lineage 800,000 years almost extinct because of human-wildlife conflict but worth protecting given its genetic distinctiveness & deserve special conservation attention. My special visit to comprehend the Wolf program in the Himalayas formed a special community element in my experience of #AcademicImmersiveTourism with #NavinaJafa as part of the program on Natural Heritage.

Found in various locations in the Himalayas in India and Nepal, they move in small packs since they are small in numbers. Their food is usually small animals like rabbits and rodents. They are not aggressive and yet human communities fear them which is the reason for their depleting population.

Cultural Aspect:

The other aspect is the wolf as a spiritual totem who symbolize for ancient communities when there was no conflict and still does for Native American Indians, represent intuition, intelligence but most of all the idea of Freedom!


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