KERALA ~ UNRAVELLED WATERSCAPES Kochi – Muziris – Calicut With Dr Navina Jafa 01-04 March 2018


Tapping the Unseen- Going beyond packaged Tourism


Dr. Navina Jafa



It is a challenge to curate a holistic touristic experience which connects a viewer to be a part of responsible tourism though comprehending traditional skill development, address conserving ecosystems of cultural and natural environments. The challenge is going beyond packaged tourism. The forthcoming tour on Kerala is an example of such a program.

 Ancient port city on Indian Ocean

Kerala has been the flagship destination of the campaign on Incredible India, however, the packaged experiences on Kerala leave out several aspects of cultural, economic, historical layers which contribute to the appellation of Incredible India. Dr Navina Jafa has curated a travel experience that will bring to participants the ethos of Kerala in a holistic manner. For example, the experiences of the backwaters incorporate visit to villages bringing in to view and understand history, legends, rituals and festivals associated with traditional skills such as the tradition of Snake backwater boats, folk dances, cuisine and much more.

Snake Boats


Dr. Navina Jafa, one of the most erudite, dramatic heritage presenters of & on Indian Cultural Heritage personally tailors, curates, researchers, presents & coordinates the tour as study leader. 

Unique Experiences -Elaborate Themes:  

Ø  Gods, Homes, Markets in a Net, Kochi

Ø  Dining Opera: Dining and narratives on traditions along the backwaters

Ø  Cape of Trade Cultures on the Indian Ocean: Muziris

Ø  Kingdom of the Zamorins of Calicut! Story of the Traders from the Middle East and Europe: Heritage Walk

Ø  When Religion has Meshed with the Body: Martial Art of Kalari Payattu

Spice plantationAthirathram 2

Ø  Culture of Indigenous Communities of Kerala


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