Tapping the Unseen- Going beyond packaged Tourism in Kerala With Dr. Navina Jafa www.navinajafa.com 18TH  – 26TH NOVEMBER ,2017

18th 26th November 2017

It is a challenge to curate a holistic touristic experience which connects a viewer to be a part of responsible tourism though comprehending traditional skill development, address conserving ecosystems of cultural and natural environments. The challenge is going beyond packaged tourism. The forthcoming tour on Kerala is an example of such a program.

The curated program by Dr. Navina Jafa will incorporate the usual elements of a packaged tour like Back Waters, Ayurvedic Massage, experiences of the best places to stay, travel and food to eat. But, with an effort of more than 6 months comprising of in-depth research innovative experiences have been developed which are defined by community participation, live workshops, and demonstrations and intensely researched multilayered narratives.

For example, the experiences of the backwaters incorporates visit to villages bringing in to view and understand history, legends, rituals and festivals associated with traditional skills such as the tradition of Snake backwater boats, folk dances, cuisine and much more.


 The other out of the box 9 experiences will be both advocacies as well as elements for promoting sustainable responsible tourism include – 

  1. Heritage of Syrian Christianity of Apostle St. Thomas, a shared heritage between the Dutch and Portuguese in India.


2. Heritage of Martial Arts from Kerala to China, Japan and other areas of Far East


3. The Fabulous Account of Trade on Indian Ocean – The ancient port of Muziris. Reference to trade with the Romans, Arabs, and other Western Communities creates a fascinating program on this archeological location .




4. Athirathram the 3,000 year old Vedic Ritual to address air pollution, conducted once in 12 years, by one family in continuity. The scientific alter is created in the shape of the Garuda

athirathram-2 syena-chiti-athirathram-1


5. Ethnography of Spices, making of the Spice Route on the Indian Ocean


spice-plantation A Stay in the Spice Garden

6. Eco- Tourism and Challenges A Visit to the Perriyar Wild Life Sanctuary :



7. Visit to a Workshop of ancient Dance Drama Kathakali


8. The Ancient tradition of Temple Elephants nuances of rituals and exploitation the experience is titled From Temples to Facebook


9. Visit to an interiors coastal village which is known for spectacular traditions of Exorcism, a tradition which is undergoing much change in association with the factor of Untouchability. The program will be in tandem with an NGO working in this sector.








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